Sunday Afternoon Short Tie

STYLE# ST111116

You will look dapper any day of the week when you rock this wool plaid ShorTie. For some reason tho, when it's a sunday afternoon, and you tie this ShorTie on, boom! Boss!

"If there's no football on, I'm out on the town, twist my ShorTie on, try and catch me now"     -Mr. ShorTie-


  • LIMITED EDITION Quantity: Only 32 made
  • Handmade in the USA (Brooklyn, NY)
  • 40" inch long (only 20 made) / 34" inch long (only 12 made)*
  • 100% Wool Plaid necktie
  • 2.75" inch width
  • FREE SHIPPING in the USA on all orders over $50



*Note: The 34" inch long ShorTie uses the brand label as the tie loop, and does not have the secondary tie loop of a different fabric.

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