Zane Short Tie

STYLE# ST111112

Let me hear you say hhhhoooooooo....! Let's get this party bumpin'. Turn up the vibe with this cotton, multi colored, floral ShorTie with a black background. Tie this ShorTie on, and you'll be the star of the party. And all you have to do... is look fly.

"It's only an illusion to be chasing your tail.  Using the mind as the sword, the modern samurai prevails"     -Mr. ShorTie-

  • LIMITED EDITION Quantity: Only 32 made
  • Handmade in the USA (Brooklyn, NY)
  • 40" inch long (only 16 made) / 34" inch long (only 16 made)*
  • 100% Cotton necktie
  • 2.25" inch width
  • FREE SHIPPING in the USA on all orders over $50

*Note: The 34" inch long ShorTie uses the brand label as the tie loop, and does not have the secondary tie loop of a different fabric.

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